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Our mission is to deliver all our users - owner-operators, fleet owners, and tax practitioners - all the services and features needed for a successful 2290 eFiling.
We don’t compromise when it comes to customer service. Learn more about how we can help you below.

Green Self-Service eFiling

Our user-friendly filing platform is easy to navigate, making our 2290 filing a streamlined process. We’ll guide you through entering your information by asking you a few questions about your truck. If you need additional help, our support team is standing by to help. Most of our users eFile their form in less than 10 minutes. Your Schedule 1 will be delivered shortly after you submit your eFiling. Have multiple trucks to file for? Try our bulk info upload Excel template.

Green Full Service eFiling

GreenTax2290’s full-service eFiling option is designed for those who have a large fleet and little time. Our trained and expert support specialists can take the wheel on your 2290, and complete the filing up to the point of providing you with your stamped Schedule 1. What do you have to do? Just fill out a simple Excel template, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Green for Tax Practitioners

With GreenTax2290, you have unlimited access to our IRS-approved 2290 eFiling platform with no contracts, subscription fees, or upfront costs. File for multiple clients under one account, and take advantage of discount bulk pricing. Skip individual data entry with our bulk upload, and access exclusive customer support if you need help along the way.

File 2290 Online For Your Truck/Fleet

Submit multiple vehicle records, refile prior rejected filings, check 2290 status online, and receive immediate assistance from our trained customer service team with just a single click.

Green for Credit Requests

Do you have a vehicle that you would like to report sold, damaged, or stolen? Do you have a vehicle with less actual mileage than the mileage originally reported? eFile for a credit claim with GreenTax2290. We offer credit request eFiling.

Green 2290 Amendments

We offer 2290 amendment eFiling, whether you filed the original form with us or not. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may need to file an amended 2290.

1. Did your gross weight increase?

If the gross weight of the heavy vehicle increased from the gross weight on your previous 2290, a tax amendment form needs to be eFiled.

2. Did you exceed your mileage limit?

If you originally reported your vehicle “suspended” (5K miles or less, or 7K for ag vehicles), but you exceeded that mileage, an amendment form need to be eFiled.

3. Did you file an incorrect VIN?

If you filed a 2290 with an incorrect VIN, you’ll need an amended form to correct the VIN and get your new Schedule 1. Good news! We offer free re-file for rejected returns.

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